Discover the ancient art
of communication
and apply it to your
everyday life.

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What causes relationshipsto grow cold? How do we go from, "You're my soul mate; I would die for you." To "I hardly know you, and you're killing me."? One of the major problems in marraiges is communication. New exciting research is unlocking the ancient art of effective communication.

Come spend an evening with Dr. Rob Sheppard to learn of these amazing findings which you can use to improve and enhance your communication. The seminar is aimed at improving couple communication; but you don't need to bring your mate; individuals are welcome.

This engaging seminar will:

  • Teach you that you cannot "not" communicate
  • Reveal how to keep the brain open to send and receive messages
  • Create a safe, rewarding experience to express your ideas
  • Give you effective tools to say what you need to
  • Show you how to effectively listen
  • Reveal how two become one


Please contact University Counseling Center for sheduling information and pricing.