Motivation begins with the desire to be free. Free from dependencyon others. Free to live the lifestyle you dream of. Free to explore ideas, life, careers, and life.

There are three basic elements to Motivation:

  • A Vision Or a Dream
  • Learning New Things and Applying That Knowledge
  • Overcoming Barriers

Most people don't understand motivation and what drives them towards success. The inexperienced person is under the belief that money, power, and influence are the things that will keep them motivated and driven. That's why they fail. This seminar will set the record strait.

Motivation: Understanding and Applying the Principles will help you define, understand and practice the three basic elements of motivation.

  • Discover how to unlock your creativity
  • Learn how to use failure to your advantage
  • Understand risk and how it can support your dreams
  • Look at how new opportunities and challenges affect motivation
  • Tolerate the agony of failure and disappointment

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