Trouble Sleeping
Low Self-esteem
Loss of Identity
Blaming Yourself

What is a Tramatic Life Experience? Who suffers from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder? What are the symptoms and what can we do to cope with the stress? Is having post-traumatic stress disorder a sign of personal weakness?

Tramatic Life Experiences happen to everyone. No one can protect themselves completely.

Even strong, healthy, good people can have long lasting problems following exposure to trauma.

When a person understands trauma symptoms better, they can become less fearful of them and be in a better position to manage them.

This carefully designed and professionally presented seminar explains the feelings associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that arises out of Traumatic Life Experiences and helps people cope with fear, depression, and the overwhelming feeling of danger or helplessness.

  • Avoid Trauma Related Thoughts and Memories
  • Reducing the effect of the Tramatic Life Expeience
  • Beating Depression
  • Handling Feelings of Dispair and Hopelessness
  • Resisting Agressive Tendencies
  • Getting out of the Self Blame Mode
  • Overcoming Feelings of Shame or Embarrasment
  • Helping People with Relationships and Feeling Close to Someone
  • Avoiding Social Isolation
  • Problems with Self-Esteem
  • Physical Health Problems brought on by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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